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Import Export

Companies can use that data to implement faster routes and eliminate unnecessary steps in the delivery process, as well as reduce bottlenecks and clerical errors with smart contracts. Distributed and decentralized ledgers reduce bottlenecks and clerical errors.

Real Estate

With blockchain, real estate transactions can be completed faster and with less paperwork. This is because blockchain allows for the digital transfer of assets, so there is no need for paper contracts or other physical documentation. Everything can be done electronically, which can save a lot of time.

Travel & Tourism

Tourism and blockchain could become a complementary pairing with various applications in the travel domain, including, reservations, identity verification, loyalty programs, digital payments, and inventory management.

GreekCoin - Connecting Greeks


Although most are familiar with most of the food produced in Greece such as feta cheese, yogurt, olives, olive oil, and honey – these are the products that Greece is known for.

Most however, are surprised to hear that Greece produces machinery for a range of industries.Greece has over 60 machinery manufacturers that produce products such as food processing machinery, and construction machinery and tools e.g. wall sanding machines, aluminium window machinery, and glass machinery.


Why you should invest in Greece?

Low Cost Access To A -Permanent- European Golden Visa. Many European countries offer non-EU citizens access to Europe through residency programs. Greece offers one of the most economically sound solutions and the cheapest in the Mediterranean area.


Beautiful places, hospitable people, stunning beaches, fantastic weather, unique flavors… there are a million reasons to visit Greece. The cradle of Western civilization is a wonderful destination all year round.

Visit Greece this year and see for yourself!